What can Dance Classes do for your Child?

The program provides a constructive, creative way to “relate” to the younger generation while at the same time giving them concrete goals which will develop important life skills. The contemporary moves, the popular music, the dynamic dance classes, and the applause-filled performances create a challenging experience that kids really enjoy.

It isn’t hard to see how self-esteem develops in this positive environment.

The program goals are founded on caring about how kids feel about themselves.  If a child believes in (him/her)self, then the goals they will accomplish reach far beyond what they thought they could do.

This process of “believing in themselves” creates a STRONG self-image.

A good dance education program can be life changing for your child! In addition to the benefits of physical exercise and activity, here are 5 more ways that dance can help your son or daughter.

1. Teach them Confidence

Performing a dance routine is no simple task, especially if your child is shy or lacks self confidence. Through practice and encouragement, every child can overcome their fears and succeed in dance. This builds confidence not only in their ability to dance, but also in their ability to succeed in life.

2. Teach them Life Skills

The ability to be consistent in practice and overcome challenges will be important in school, at home, and in a child’s entire life.

3. Build Self-Esteem

We provide a supportive, encouraging environment that fosters growth of self-esteem. When a child knows that they have a team and instructors who believe in them, they become not only great dancers, but great individuals who know their worth.

4. Promotes social development

A team atmosphere teaches dancers to trust in others, be generous in friendships, and work well with others. Each dancer contributes to the team- every member is important!

5. Dance is FUN!

Dancers tell us all the time that they love dance! Dancing is a great way to relieve stress, learn a new skill, and have a great time!

Are you interested in these benefits for your child? We’ve just started our Fall Registration. We’re confident that you’ll love the Rockie Mountain Stars program as much as we do!

To register, click here https://www.rockiemountainstars.com/register.html , or call Glenda at 208-716-0041.

Wonderful Mysterious Changes

The dance team experience is a wonderful mystery. Being a Star is something that happens on the inside. The movements, the music, and the muscles are merely the visual representation of the magic inside each dancer. The applause that they hear from their teacher, teammates, parents, and crowds become a permanent part of their inner nature. They begin to feel like a star!


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  • I am interested in classes for my daughter who is 10 and in the 4th grade, but I Work until 5pm. It there anything you offer for 5:30pm or later?