Stars of the Week December 23, 2019

All Star of the Week :

Saylor was born in Jackson, Mississippi during a tornado. We think that’s why she has so much personality! She has lived in Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina and Florida. Saylor obviously loves to dance, but she also like to ride a dirt bike, swim, bake and play with her sisters. She is learning to ski and getting better at drawing. She has five sisters, one brother and a ton of cats that live outside. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite food is fettuccine Alfredo.

Jr Varsity and Varsity Star of the Week:

Kelton was born April 24,2006 in Madison memorial. Weighing 7 lbs 15 oz. 19 1/2 inches long. He has one older brother trevor David Dillard. They are named after there dad with there middle names David lee. He had my sister and brother living with us when younger. Like his brother and sister. He loved to play soccer as younger boy. You cant keep him out of the water he loves to swim float the river. He enjoys golfing. He loves to dance. He loves to hang out with all his friends going to the park going to the soda vine,making funny video and camping. He has two dogs two bunny’s 6 chicken 1 duck cats and some gold fish. Yes a small petting zoo haha…. he works in the summer mowing lawn for a few people. He is one of the most loving caring person willing to help anyone. He goes to south Fremont jr. He is in 8th grade. Does very well in school. He teacher love him. They tell me how polite he is and caring he is never leaves anyone out. he looks out for everyone. Last year he earned a reward at school for being a cougar role model. Only 18 kids out of the jr high got it.

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