Stars of the Week – 12-1-19

Small Star of the Week:

Yuli loves to color, dance, sing she loves unicorns and she a animal lover she loves to help other people she very kind and respectful her favorite color is the rainbow she loves pasta and she loves everything about school

All Star of the Week:

Berk is 10 years old she is the sweetest most kind hearted girl i know. She is always wanting to do anything she can to help others. She loves her family and friends. She has 1 sister and 2 brothers. She absolutely loves to dance and she love Lol dolls, riding bikes, hunting and fishing with her dad.

Jr Varsity-Varisty of the Week:

Emma Jo Ayers

Emma was born in San Diego CA and lived there til she was 6. She started dancing at age 8. She loves being creative and expressing herself in dance

She is a beautiful dancer and 12 yr. Old young woman now.
She is…
E- energetic
M- moves gracefully
M-magnificent personality
A- addictive attitude

J-jammed full of laughs
O- obviously pretty

A- ambitious
Y- yes! Can do spirit
E- enthusiastic
R-ridculously funny
S- sometimes silly
We love Emma!

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