Jr Varisty – Varsity Star of the Week:

Lily is 13 years old and born in Denver, Colorado. She loves to dance and before joining Rockie Mountain Stars was a competitive Irish step dancer achieving championship level in that (one of the highest levels). She also has played the violin for many years and plays in the orchestra at Madison junior high. She is also very creative, artistic and an overall kind and caring person.

All Star Star of the Week:

Jaeden is a ten year old girl. She has been dancing for 3 years with Rockie Mountain Stars. She loves to dance, sing, read, and color. She loves going to school and is mad when summer break comes. Jaeden will help anyone in need and can make friends with anyone. She has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. She is really smart, fun to be around, helpful, funny, crazy (in a good way). She likes cooking and helping with dinner. Jaeden can make you smile without trying really.

Small Star of the Week:

Katie is a happy cheerful 7 year old that loves dancing and unicorns! Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Her favorite dance song is lollipop pop. She loves to have her nails painted and adores make up. At school she enjoys art and music, you can find her dancing and singing everywhere. She is in 1st grade and loves everyone. She is sassy yet loving and she befriends everyone she meets. She loves her family and her friends with everything she has. She is independent, responsible, caring, empathetic and very sweet and cute.