Stars of the Week 02-02-2020

All Star of the Week:

Kloie is a fun loving, caring 7yr old girl. She loves to dance and put smiles on people’s faces. She loves her family and is an excellent role model for kids her age. Kloie loves to hang out and show her dance moves to her grandma and grandpa. She always dances her heart out like no ones watching.

Varsity Star of the Week:

Seirra Louise Danced her way into this world, November 18, 2004, and hasn’t stopped dancing since. You could catch her dancing on the sidelines at a very young age and copying every move her big sister was doing. At 4 years old she joined the Rockie Mountain Stars family , and quickly became the star of the show. She was so tiny and loved to show her shake to everyone. She also like to take charge and make sure all of her little team mates where doing the dance right. She did her first solo the second year she danced and won queen. Her drive to be the best never did stop after that. As she started to get a little older she was in the dance studio 4 days a week so she could dance with several age groups. Her size helped so she could dance with the younger ages or wherever Glenda needed her. She has never given up on dancing, she enjoys being with the team. She always shows great sportsmanship at competition. She loves each and everyone of her team mates. To this day she still hasn’t stopped dancing. You will catch her dancing at home, in the studio, the grocery store and her occasional tiktok videos. If she hears music she she is dancing.She was born to dance.

Varsity Star of the Week:

Ellie was born third in her family, May 1st, 2006 in Des Moines, Iowa. At two months, her family moved to Ohio, where they lived for eleven years before moving to Rexburg. She was the baby of her family for five years before her younger brother was born. After she discovered dance, it became her passion. We often say, that Ellie was born to dance. We love her graceful and beautiful moves. Ellie is very good at math. She enjoys playing violin and flute. When she was younger, she taught herself to play the ukulele. Ellie has two pet peeves, one is when people sickle their feet, and the other is when people use the wrong spelling of their, there, and they’re, or your and you’re. Ellie loves all her dance teachers and has been inspired to become a dance teacher herself and would like to own her own dance studio some day. Her favorite dances this year are her solo, her black swan Ballet dance, JV hip hop, Varsity Jazz, and I Found. Written with love, Grandma


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