Jr Varsity River

River has been dancing since before she could walk! However, she has been taking lessons for about 6 years going on 4 years now with Rockie Mountain Stars.

Since I am the author, I just want to take a moment and say how lucky we feel we are to be in Rockie Mountain Stars! We initially put River in a little one teacher, few students type structure (which she LOVED!!!!!!). When our instructor moved on, we looked into a more “professional” facility and went with another local company. She practiced for 55 minutes one day a week. I know I mentioned River has been dancing since she could head bob, but it looked more like she was auditioning for a rodeo clown…… and 2 years in the other company did NOTHING to fix that. We came to Rockie Mountain Stars in hopes that we would either see a difference for real, or if 55 minutes per week was as good as it got.

NOW! The first difference we saw in Rockie Mountain Stars is those kiddos practice at LEAST 4 hours per week. At least 2 days a week in the facility, and at least 2 hours each practice. Some of these are more!

Our first year with Rockie Mountain Stars, we saw a bit of improvement, but maybe River was just a casual dancer. Second year, we got River involved in a solo, had a lot of fun with it, but then Glenda suggested maybe River is a bit more of a lyrical type dancer. ……. maybe!!!! She loves loves loves ballet!

Drumroll, please……… Year 3, we found an amazing song for River to dance a solo to. Not only did she rock her solo, she was BREATHTAKING!! She has really flourished in her dancing and in her moves! We have loved watching her dance this past year and seeing how elegant and graceful this girl really is! Thank you, Glenda, for always believing in her. I definitely had some doubts!

Okay, other than dancing, River loves being with her family. By family, I mean her many brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews! The more she can stay with her sister, Stormie, and play with her nephew, Bub & niece, Ryan, the happier she is!

When asked what she has planned for the summer, she tells me “Idk y weirdo”……

And so far, for at least the last 4-5 years, she has said she wants to own a cafe. Happy summer, my blue-eyed blonde!!

River Gardner
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