Meet Akisha and Hannah our Instuctors

Meet Akisha and Hannah our Instructors

Akisha has been dancing for 20 years. (Wow! I’ve only been alive 7 more years than that…………) She was trained in an English based school called British Dancing Academy in Washington State. There she learned the art of ballet, jazz and modern dance. After graduation, she attended a dance studio in her home town and participated in The Nutcracker. She is currently earning a minor in Dance at BYU-I. She loves to dance as it is a way for her to express her inner feelings. (…. I feel napping does it for me…..) Once she is done with school, Akisha still plans on teaching dance to share her love for this art with others.

This summer, besides dancing, she’ll be traveling and visiting different sites. She enjoys going to new places.

Can’t wait to work with you, Akisha!


Hannah is going to be a new instructor for Rockie Mountain Stars!! Hannah has danced for 18 years and has a deep passion for all styles. She has ben a part of and captain of competitive teams in California, Utah and Idaho, as well as many companies and studio teams such as the Ririe Woodbury youth team in Salt Lake City. While in High School, she had the opportunity to choreograph state award winning dances for a team of 40 students while joining the Nations Honors Society for Dance Arts.

Wowness!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what you bring to Rockie Mountain Stars, Hannah!!

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