About Us Rockie Mountain Stars

Rockie Mountain Stars where dancers learn proper dance technique, fun and challenging routines in dance classes, and many life skills such as: the importance of teamwork, goal-setting, and discipline. Participants perform at many community functions as well as national half-time shows, and state & national dance competitions

The atmosphere at our studio is that of an extended family. Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends of each dancer are encouraged to get involved.

Director Glenda Heskett is from Ashton and Assisant director Michele Pacheco is from Rexburg. Glenda has been a director of the STARS for 26 years and has been located in Rexburg, Idaho for the past 10 years. Michele has been dancing since she was three years old. The directors have 29 years of combined experience in teaching all ages and different styles of dance. The Stars have been a competition team since 1985, winning superiors and 1st place. We are also a performance team that goes to different schools to show our award winning routines.

Our Philosophy

STARS is a fun association with National Staff, Directors, Teachers, Students, and Parents. We want to create a feeling of security, that we all belong, we support each other fully. We believe in commitment, we show respect, kindness, and consideration for each other. We want an atmosphere of continual growth in Physical,(teaching great dance technique), Emotional (teaching useful life skills), and Social (building self esteem).

The STAR dance program provides a constructive, creative way to “relate” to the younger generation while at the same time giving them concrete goals which will develop important life skills. The contemporary moves, the popular music, the dynamic classes, and the applause-filled performances crate a challenging experience that kids really enjoy, so it isn’t hard to see how self-esteem develops in this positive environment.

The STAR program goals are founded on caring about how kids “feel about themselves.” If a child believes in herself, the goals she will accomplish reach far beyond what she thought she could do. This process of “believing in herself” crates a STRONG self-image.

TEACHING KIDS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. The STAR philosophy is simple, but the profession is not. Being part of the STAR program is a wonderful opportunity to participate in motivating kids to accomplish their goals. Every STAR is taken SERIOUSLY. Every child is treated with the same enthusiasm, the same commitment, and the same encouragement. The STAR program is a successful way to inspire kids to BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE.

The STAR experience is a wonderful mystery. Being a STAR is something that happens on the INSIDE-the movements, the music, and the muscle are merely the visual representation of the MAGIC inside each girl. The applause that she hears–from her teacher, teammates, parents, and crowds–become a permanent part of her inner nature. She begins to FEEL LIKE A STAR.

Every STAR develops important life skills. A STAR Director’s ultimate responsibility is to teach each STAR how to internalize the established STAR goals. Each STAR should know these five goals by heart–she should be learning and relearning them in each STAR class, performance, and studio activity. As a committed STAR Director, develop every aspect of your program on the STAR philosophy–BUILD SELF ESTEEM.

“When a child feels like a STAR, she will SHINE.”