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"When a child feels like a Star, they will shine."

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Hip Hop, Lyrical, Modern, and Jazz Dance Class in Rexburg, Idaho

2014 Rockie Mountain Stars

Thank you Sarah for your review of the Rockie Mountain Dance Classic.....
I just wanted to give you some feedback about the competition last weekend. This
was, by far, my favorite competition that we have been to. My daughter did a solo
and had 2 team dances as well. Usually competitions are hectic and a lot of times
seem very unorganized. However, this was not the case at all with the Rockie
Mountain Dance Classic. I loved that it is a smaller competition and that everybody
is a winner! My daughter felt so great after competing there! So, a huge THANK

Also, as I was sitting on the bleachers I witnessed a boy that wanted to do the
Dance Down, but he didnít have the $5. You let him do it anyway and I heard you tell
him that if he wanted to do it, the money wasnít a problem. Also there were a couple
girls that were very scared and upset trying to do the dance down, but you went out
of your way to go out on the floor with them and support them and give them the
confidence they needed! It is such a reassurance to see such kindness!
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News & Events
Monday will start our summer program. June 1st is the mini stars - 6-8, small stars - 9-11, boys hop hip, and varsity 12-18. Wednesday is the micro minis 2-5, with power tumbling at 5:00 pm. 
Come and meet our instructors: Tawny Kinghorn, Amber Robertson, and Brenton Winburn. Brenton will be the boys hip hop instructor and Amber will be the power tumbling instructor and Tawny will be the mini stars and small stars instructor. We will also have Chantell helping with micro minis and mini stars. Kateira will be helping with the varsity. Awesome instructors. 
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Birthday Wishes

Sienna - June 16th
Jonas - June 18th
Chantell - June 30th

Rockie Mountain Stars Dance Classes

Rockie Mountain STARS Dance Team in Rexburg, Idaho. We perform Nationally and Locally. Our dance studio in Rexburg, Idaho offers Dance Classes: in Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballroom, Lyrical, and Ballet, Modern.

Dancers learn proper dance technique, fun and challenging routines, and many life skills such as: the importance of teamwork, goal-setting, and discipline.

Participants perform at many community functions as well as national half-time shows, and state & national dance competitions.

The program provides a constructive, creative way to "relate" to the younger generation while at the same time giving them concrete goals which will develop important life skills. The contemporary moves, the popular music, the dynamic dance classes, and the applause-filled performances crate a challenging experience that kids really enjoy. It isn't hard to see how self-esteem develops in this positive environment.

The program goals are founded on caring about how kids "feel about themselves. " If a child believes in (him/her)self, then the goals they will accomplish reach far beyond what they thought they could do.

This process of "believing in themselves" creates a STRONG self-image.

The dance team experience is a wonderful mystery. Being a Star is something that happens on the inside. The movements, the music, and the muscle are merely the visual representation of the magic inside each dancer.The applause that they hear from their teacher, teammates, parents, and crowds become a permanent part of their inner nature. They begin to feel like a star!

Every dancer develops important life skills. A Director's ultimate responsibility is to teach each dancer how to internalize the established goals. Each dancer should know these five goals by heart, They should be learning and relearning them in each Stars Dance Class, performance, and studio activity. Oura committed Director, develops every aspect of our program on the philosophy to build self-esteem.

The Rockie Mountain Stars Dance Studio is located in Rexburg, Idaho We have been in the Rexburg, Idaho area for the last 18 years.

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